Moldova Mission Winter 2016-2017


Dear Friends of Mission Moldova/Vasiliy Kaletnik,

Thank you for your financial and prayer support of Mission Moldova, a primary overseas ministry of LCOP since 2001.  Moldova is the poorest country in Europe,  and was under Russian control until the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1990s.

Vasiliy is no stranger to LCOP and periodically he sends mission reports.  Below are his most recent reports.

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Pastor Jim Probert, Chairperson
Mission Moldova Team
Tacoma, WA

On 7/17/2017 12:41 AM, Vasiliy K wrote:
Dear Pastors and Friends,
We have started a kids summer camp on July 12th -15th  for the children and young adults in the near by region. It was located in Ciolacou Old and Ciolacou Nou. The camp went great, the kids had biblical lessons, fellowshipped with one another, and ate together. In Ciolacou Old, we had around 100 children, it was located in a club house. In Ciolacou Nou, we had around 75 children attend, and it was held on the church property.
During these events, I am training my assistant pastor Vladimir to lead camps on his own as well, so that he may be help responsible for organizing camps in the future. 
In addition, we are currently preparing for the second week July 17th-21th of camping in Hitresti and Falesti today. We expect around 60 kids at Hitresti and over 100 kids in Falesti. In Hitresti we will be doing the camp at a school, but in Falesti, we will be doing the camp across from the church at a city park.
I ask for you to pray for these children and young adults so that God will work in their hearts through these camps, so that they may grow to love Christ and join the church. Also, pray for the staff at the events.
This upcoming Sunday, we will also have baptisms. There will be 14 believers being baptized. Please pray for these believers also.
Be Blessed, 

Dear friend,

It has been very busy here in Moldova in the winter of 2016 with many ministries, funerals, and conferences. Additionally, I was recovering from an illness for a couple weeks, therefore it was difficult to get together with my son-in-law to write the report since he too busy in school and work as well. Christmas and New Year’s was nearly two months ago, but I believe sharing what God has been doing here will bring joy to you. Attached to this email is a short winter report along with a link to a Dropbox folder that has plenty of more photos and videos that took place the past couple months.

I appreciate your prayer and ministry support to the ministry and my family. May God bless you and your families.

Your partner in Christ,

Vasiliy Kaletnik