Moldova Mission Updates

Dear Friends of Mission Moldova/Vasiliy Kaletnik,

Thank you for your financial and prayer support of Mission Moldova, a primary overseas ministry of LCOP since 2001.  Moldova is the poorest country in Europe,  and was under Russian control until the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1990s.

Vasiliy is no stranger to LCOP and periodically he sends mission reports.  Below are his most recent reports.

If you have questions or wish to know more, please contact me at (252)235-2247
or e-mail:

Pastor Jim Probert, Chairperson
Mission Moldova Team
Tacoma, WA


Sept 17, 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters of MissionMoldova/Vasiliy,
By phone, I spoke with the Kaletnik family today, and Olga and Yulia stopped by my home this evening.
Regarding Vasiliy’s back, L5 was “crushed into L6”.  Swelling needs to go down, and surgery is scheduled for next Monday, Sept. 24th.
Although the report is of a broken wrist, a photo shows that he has a cast from shoulder to hand.  Olga leaves for Moldova this Weds. and is very nervous and stressed over this situation.  She already had plane tickets prior to the Vasiliy’s accident, but it would have been very expensive to change them which explains her delay.
Son David is already in Moldova and is present with his Dad in the hospital. Fortunately, Vasiliy has a very good and capable assistant who will continue the ministry.
Please pray for Vasiliy, the hospital staff and doctors, and the family.  It will be a real challenge to keep Vasiliy “down” long enough to heal and recover which could take quite awhile.
Pastor Jim Probert, Chairperson,
Moldova Mission Team

Sept 16, 2018
We talked over with Kaletnik Family and David will be Flying over To Moldova today to help our father and to talk to the doctors and to make sure everything is going well and help and be there with him. Please pray for Davids safety flight to Moldova.
I talked to my father and he said he was at Chiolachu Old Church picking walnuts and the branch broke so he fell off the tree. Broken Hand and some injury with the spine( we are still waiting on the results) We will provide more details and updates as we find out more. Please pray for his health and fast recovery and so everything will go well.
Kaletnik Family 

Sept 15, 2018

Hi Jim hope all is well with you.

My dad [Vasiliy Kaletnik] is in the Hospital  he fell,broken hand and something with spine,still waiting for doctors results.
Will provide more details when will know more.
Please please pray for him.
Only God can help and heal people 
Kaletnik family

August 30, 2018

Dear Pastors and Friends.
The ministry in both villages Ciolacu is going well.
After baptism, I am continuing the bible classes with new baptized people.
Now we have two people repented after baptism service one is from Ciolacu Vechi his name is Mixai ( Michael ) he is 23 years old.
And one lady Ludmila she is around 50 years old from Ciolacu Nou.
They want to get the baptism too. Please pray for these people to stay strong in Christ.
Now I’m preparing for baptism one young man 23 years old his name is Nicoli he is from New Sarata what is our planted church. The Baptism service will be on September 2nd in village Reutel.
Thank you for prayers

In Christ.



Greetings Friends and Supporters of Mission Moldova/Vasiliy Kaletnik,
Below is an update from Vasiliy. As you can see, he has been very busy this summer.
I would like not to be requesting funds for “brick and mortar” projects, but the hub church building in Felisti that is heavily used is in drastic need of a rebuild for the safety of the occupants. About $25,000 more to needed to tear down the current structure and rebuild it on the current foundation which is solid concrete which Vasiliy installed several years ago.
Please make your check and send donations to:
P.O. Box 8585
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585

On the bottom of your check, please put:
GAP Moldova 082451
Felisti Church Rebuild

Aug, 15, 2018
Dear Pastors and Friends,

Ministry report for June and July 2018.
During these two months, I had a lot of work we did a Summer camp in 4 locations
Village Cilacu Veci for three days each day we had around 80 kids. in village Ciolacu Nou there we have had 70 kids. was a good testimony of Christ to kids and youth also for villages too.
We have to teach the Bible and Christians songs. The kids were a blessing. We fed them three times per day the camp we did in the Church building and outside of Church, we have enough spot.
In Falesti church, we had over 80 kids and the camp was for 5 days after the camp we invited the parents of kids and was a good evangelism program. In village Kalinesti we did four days Just on the stadium under the tent in this village we did the first time camp, many parents were visiting the camp,we spread the gospel after of camp we did an evangelism program was a musical program and the world of God.
some of the kids repented. During summer camp, we have had over 350 kids and youth.
At the end of July and August month, I started doing the Bible classes for people who repented for baptism.
The classes I did for three weeks each day per one hour and a half for one lesson they have passed 10 lessons. We have 9 souls for baptism this year. this Sunday, August 19th we have baptism in the church of Falesti
Except this, we build the shower and small kitchen for one orphanage family from the church Ciolacu Nou
She has five kids and her husband passed away three years ago. Her name is Koretskaia Nadejda. Her husband’s name was Nikolai.
I have had also visiting people door to door after medical work and have talked with them about Christ.
The worship in the three places I did regularly each Sunday and in the middle of week two times the bible study. each village.
We have some visitor people to worship.
The students what we have in bible school we are training them in the different ministry with camp and preaching the gospel.
Please pray for.
New, believers souls to be strong in faith.
For students to get more experience for further ministry.
For this Sunday baptism worship.
Let the Holy Spirit would work in the hearts of people to know more and more Christ and the knowledge of God.
For me, that God gives me the power of holy spirit at His ministry and for wisdom.
Praise to our Lord for His mercy to us all.
Thank you very much for your praying support and financial support what is useful in my ministry.
May God continue to bless us and do the work until is the day.
In Christ.


Here’s the latest from Vasiliy Kaletnik/Mission Moldova July 2018.
Please be generous in supporting the rebuild of hub church building in Felisti about which I have written to you previously.  We need to receive about $25,000 more dollars to complete the project.
God bless you.
Pastor Jim Probert


Dear Pastors and Friends.
After medical work in three villages, I was visiting many people door to door who repented and other of them. some of them are thinking about following Jesus, many people are afraid of the Orthodox priest he said will  he will not allow burying in the cemetery if they will come to our church and the relatives refused to talk with them. In these villages happened a big excitation against who became believers.
I would ask you please pray for this villages  were God has opened the door for me to bring the gospel  to them and be saved. the name of the villages is Cetris, Calinesti, and Hincesti.
In village Calinesti at this week, we are starting to do daily Summer camp at the stadium under the tent and in city of Falesti in the park in front of a church and inviting kids to the camp and feed them three times per day, playing games and teach the Bible and let them know who is Christ. And may God open the heart to kids, parents and everyone else to receive Christ as a savior.
Your prayer and God’s blessings are the power of my ministry.
Your servant in Christ.
Vasiliy. ABWE(GAP)

This message was received Thursday May 30th, 2018 by Pastor Jim Probert.

Dear Pastors and Friends.

Great evangelism work we did one week with a medical team leading by dr.Jack Sorg.
I would like to report the medical work what we have had last week May 2018 in Moldova.
Really  God blessed this time for His glory and for testimony about Christ.
He answered our prayers
First three days we did into the village Calinesti in the building of mayor it was the miracle for all of us.
We had enough five rooms, for medical work,
During of three days May 21-23th in this village, we got 160 patients for an appointment to the doctor.12 people of them were repented received Christ.
On the fourth day Thursday, on May 24th we were in the village Chetris with a clinic for one day at this day we had 51 patients to an appointment to the doctor. In this village repented 11 people they received Christ as a Saviour.
On the last day Friday, May 25 we did the clinic in village Hinceshti under of the tents, we had four tents The mayor of this village didn’t want us to make the clinic in the available school what they had, but she permitted us to do the clinic in the tents. We had 45 patients to the doctor. Five of people repented came to Christ.
All of those people had got the testimony of Christ.
People before going to the doctor after got the witness from Pricilla and David they came to me and I was talking to them about the faith in Christ the spiritual life, have prayed on them and made confessing of sins. The power of Holy Spirit worked on people by our testimony of Christ.

In five days total, we had about 256 people whom we made the testimony of Christ and 28 of people received Christ.

All of those people received the testimony of Christ.
God protected us via your prayers and for His glory.
We had two doctors Jack and Miles.
One pharmacist Josiah.
Two witnesses work Pricilla and David they did a great work explained how to know Christ and how Christ would be blessed them life.
We had five additional local assistants worker each day.
Five translators.
Two cooks prepared the food for us.
      Thank you very much to all of you who supported us in prayers and financial needs for the shake of Christ.
Please keep these people in prayer to come to the church in Falesti because in those villages we do not have a church yet. I am going to visit them at home to encourage and open the bible study groups at home.
May God bless all of us for His Kingdom.
Once again we want to thank all of you for standing with us in prayer and financial support.
God is faithful and we are enjoying His endless grace as we work with the people here.
Grace be with you.

This message was received Thursday May 15th, 2018 by Pastor Jim Probert.
Dear Pastors and Friends.
I am preparing medical work for the next week in villages Drujeni, Ketris, Hincesti. Clinesti.
In this places, we do not have a church yet. and last year we just started to testimony about Christ.
The mayor of villages did not want to give as the auditory [edited meaning: “authority”] to do the medical clinic because of the Orthodox priest does not allow as to come in villages. We are going to make clinic in the tents. 
We need more prayers, in this case for safety and to bring in order any things.
The medical teams are coming on May 19th.
Monday, May 21 we are starting the clinical work and the last day is May 25th. 
Please pray for safety flight for doctors.
For people to open the heart to get the testimony of Christ.
For local teams would be involved.
For Customs board to pass well with medicine, the local Union Baptist is helping as to get medicine in Moldova ,legal we have a man who are working on it.
For the doctors would give the treatment to people  well.
For good weather. 
Let God bless all of this work for His glory.
Anything we are doing only for  Christ that more and more would hear the gospel get salvation in Christ. 
We trust in God and anything is under control of God. 
Please send this letter to our supporters in prayer.
Your servant in Christ.

This message was received Thursday Feb 8th, 2018 by Pastor Jim Probert.
Dear Pastors and Friends,
I apologize that I did not note you early about my flight to the United States.As many of you know that I am coming to the states in February for a couple months to raise fund for the construction of House of Prayer in the city of Falesti, there where is my primary ministry in Moldova. 
I will ask you please keep me in your prayers for my safety flight In flying out on Feb,12th at 7;10 AM. and I arriving also Feb,12th at 8:59 PM.
My flight is from Chisinau to Kiev from Kiev to New York from New York to Seattle Tacoma.
God’s Blessings.
Looking forward to seeing you soon 

This message was received Dec 29th, 2017 by Pastor Jim Probert.

Dear Pastors and friends.
We had a good Christmas program and after we had a good meal as a party.
Of course, hope you have had a good Christmas as well.
This Friday, Dec 29th, we had televangelism meeting one with worker and parents with kids from musical school they are 250 people together it will be at 11 am and second in village Ciolacu Nou in the club we have had invited all kids with parents for Christmas program we are expecting around 60 families it will be Dec 29th afternoon at 3 pm .
Saturday At 11 am Christmas evangelism program with all policies family with kids, and afternoon at 15 pm we doing Christam program in village Ciolacu Veci family with kids we are expecting around 85 people we will give the brochure and the gospel too. Sanday three worships.
Thursday I have an appointment to the dentist. [to complete some extensive and painful work]

Please pray that many people would come to Christ to get salvation by faith in Christ.
Keep in prayers for organizing the evangelism work.
In Christ.

This message was received Oct 15th, 2017 by Pastor Jim Probert.
Dear Pastors and Friends.
We finished the worship of Thanksgiving in villages last Sunday.In both Cilacu the worship went very well, we had some visitors unbelievers, people, also a good music program and with small surround churches.
We were keeping you in our prayers, and the flock sent you the greeting.
We have bad news, My assistant Vladimir his dad has passed away he was about 57 years old he was unbeliever.
Tuesday will hold the funeral.
Please keep this family in your prayers, he has one brother and one sister, his mom passed away many years ago.
Next week maybe I will go the hospital with my issue healthy to get some treatment.( kidney and prostate ).
 Please pray that God would heal me for His glory.
In Christ.

Friday September 1, 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters of Mission Moldova/Vasiliy Kaletnik ministry,
Below is a rather extensive summary of Vasiliy’s ministry and appears to be written by Vasiliy without language correction by someone with better English.  Some of you have said that you prefer the “unvarnished” version, and I agree.  🙂
For your information, “Alina’s” home was the one that was very bad to start with, but made a lot worse by a fire.
Blessings, and thank you for both your financial and prayer support.

Pastor Jim Probert, chairperson
Moldova Mission Team


To jump to the letter and pictures of the winter of 2016-2017 click here

Dear Pastor Jim and Friends,

I apologize for not keeping you up to date, I have been very busy. I am sending you this short report for the past 6 months. During the several months, we did many ministries involving construction,

We recently finished rebuilding a home for Alina. Their entire family is beyond grateful for the support from those who helped build and fund the transformation. This is a great testimony that is being shared amongst believers.  Additionally, we insulated the outside walls of the Church in Faleshti, so the temperature stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We also repaired the roof where it leaked, and added staircases to a balcony. The balcony has been a great place to gather for the young adults, where we often fellowship.
We thank God for all the finances that was gifted for this ministry.

Medical Work
Preparing for the medical work took a long time. We had to choose our locations wisely to influence the most amount of people where the gospel is not shared. Jack Sorg, working alongside ABWE, was the leader of this ministry. The medical work took place in three locations: Drujeni, Hincesti, and Calinesti. At Hincesti, we had some conflicts with the Orthodox priests, who were against us sharing the gospel. During the medical work, we evangelized to the local people in these villages and handed out Bibles. Many people repented, and we are now looking into starting churches in those regions. With God’s help, we believe we can start a church in those areas. Please keep this in your prayers.

The third point is feeding and dressing the poor people as Jesus said in Mathew  25;31-46.
Missioner Evangelistic work with preaching the gospel has many different ways as a bible tell us.
We are feeding,drssing several families during a year believers and unbelievers.But regularly we provide the food and dress the orphanages.

Sohotskaia Maria two kids, From Ciolacu Veci
Sohotskaia Alina two kids,From Ciolacu Veci
Bulgak Natalia six kids.From Ciolacu Veci

Sometime to:
Dombovshaia Axsana four kids From Falesti
Badarau Aliona two kids.From Falesti
And to other many people by the possibility.
These people are very blessed receiving from us a benefit for helping to support their family

Sometimes they do not have bread on the table to feed  kids pay for medicine or pay the utility’s.
They are in prayer for us and give the tanks to people who are doing the offering to help them.
Also some time we are cover to people the funeral service because they do not have a fund to cover it.
Paying the urgent medical needs in case of an accident.
Also, the fund  and expenses is  going for;
Musical equipment’s for my ministry (evangelism meeting)
Fixing  two cars in my ministry.
For rent in case of evangelism program.
And other needs in my ministry for Christ.

The fourth was a Summer camp.
The Summer camp we did in five location Ciolacu Now ,Ciolacu Veci,Hitreshti,Falesti and Izvoara.
At all of this location, we had a good program with kids,food three times per day, bible study and games,
In each location we had around 85 kids, Duration camp holden by three days in each location except in Falesti and Izvoara  we did for five days.
Our local churches were involved in this program we had trained them for future.
Was a good testimony of Christ for all location,many people came to see the program and were participating for a while in the program .
In the evening we made an evangelizm musical program, message of Christ and we spread the Gospel.
The Church of Christ is alive together and  we continue to spread the Gospel Kings of God and invite people to receive Christ.
Throughoutof kids of many parents were hearing the Gospel of eternal life in Christ.
God was protecting us from any of evil. Thank you for your prayers and for His mercy to us,
A few youth people and kids received Christ ,Let’s keep them in our  prayers for them and for the rest of people that they would get the eternal life by Grace of Christ.

The fifth point in my ministry was Baptism 2017.
At this year we have baptized 12 people all of them were from the location where I am working with you for planting the churches and bring people to Christ from villages and Falesti.
All of them  repented from their sins and received  baptism classes 12 lesson per week by two hours.
They are from different age, one lady her name is Zina has 84  years old.This lady was reading the bible at home twice,she was looking for salvation and to be baptized, it
I have got from hear when  I was walked door to door and God brought me to her house.
Her relatives did not want to see me in their  home but she did, I have visited her several times and had explained her the Gospel and she wanted to be baptism.
It was a miracle for us to see how the Holy Spirit is working.

May God continue the time and use us for to spread the gospel there were was not preached the gospel before.
The God is good and we belong to Him forever.
I love you all in Christ my friend.
We serve Him with all of our life.
Let His blessing be with us.
Your partner in Christ.



The following letter and pictures are from the Winter 2016-2017

Dear friend,

It has been very busy here in Moldova in the winter of 2016 with many ministries, funerals, and conferences. Additionally, I was recovering from an illness for a couple weeks, therefore it was difficult to get together with my son-in-law to write the report since he too busy in school and work as well. Christmas and New Year’s was nearly two months ago, but I believe sharing what God has been doing here will bring joy to you. Attached to this email is a short winter report along with a link to a Dropbox folder that has plenty of more photos and videos that took place the past couple months.

I appreciate your prayer and ministry support to the ministry and my family. May God bless you and your families.

Your partner in Christ,

Vasiliy Kaletnik