Younglives Ministry Car Wash

Its over now but you could have gotten YOUR CAR DETAILED

SATURDAY, JUNE 23rd, 10:00 A.M. 2:00 P .M.


Get your car detailed and help Young lives, the teen mom ministry that meets at LCOP! The moms will be detailing cars inside and out, and your donations will go toward sending them and their baby to camp this summer, to learn more about Jesus’ love and his plan for their life.

Services include exterior wash and hand dry, clean chrome, wipe down door jams, tire shine and interior cleaning all leather/vinyl, vacuum car and trunk and clean windows.

Call Rachel Snyder  to reserve your 1 hour time slot.


Last Saturday, Younglives held their car wash/detail fund raiser in our parking lot,  and it was a complete success!  They detailed 10 cars in 4.5 hours, and raised $1,095.00 for camp. They have raised all of the money needed!  Younglives is very grateful for LCOP’s partnership in changing these young moms’ lives and wish to thank you for your generosity.