OCT 28th, 2017


What is it?
An Opportunity to Serve Together with our Community
Why do we do it?
The Love of Christ Compels us to Make a Difference


  • Make a Difference Day is right around the corner… What can I do to help?
  • First, take a look at the list of projects.
  • Next, click here to sign up online, sign up in Prairie Hall, use the communication card or call the office.
  • We also need lots of donated items–You can check out the lists at the sign-up table, then bring your items in before the 28th
  • Then join us on Saturday, October 28th, from 8:30 a.m.–12:00 noon!
  • Lunch will be served following our service projects


Join our Deacons and Elders and help brighten someone’s day! We will be visiting many of our members who are no longer able to attend church regularly; we will go in teams and may also provide a small gift.
Project Coordinator: Kate Burch


Sewing Group:
When children are taken from their homes due to abuse, they sometimes only have the clothes on their back. This group will sew pajama bags for the Comfy Closet, a service of Mary Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center, which can be filled with necessities, comfort items, and hygiene items. Participants should bring their own sewing machine. Click here for more information on how to donate needed items.

Project Coordinator: Alice Amblad

Fellowship Group:
Participating in these projects not only requires fuel (as in food), but also benefits from a time to sit back, take it all in, and process the experience. This part of Make a Difference Day is invaluable to the server and missionary inside each of us. The fellowship group spends the morning setting the tables and preparing a meal to share, and make this possible.
Project Coordinator: Joan Jackson


Motor Avenue and Nyanza Street Clean-up:
We have adopted a street!  Two, actually, and a few times a year we need help to keep the streets of Lakewood looking beautiful.  Ages 15 and up (per City of Lakewood).
Project Coordinators: David and Gayle West


Operation Christmas Child:
Pack a Christmas box for a child!  These boxes are sent overseas by Samaritan’s Purse and given to children along with the ultimate gift, the Gospel message.  Participants should bring items to pack.  We will be making a craft and writing notes as well.  Click here for “how to pack a shoebox”.
Project Coordinator: Gretchen Alden


LASA Fix-It Project:
LASA is a local organization committed to the prevention of homelessness. Join the Boomer Fix-It Crew on an indoor project requiring a bit of know-how and a lot of enthusiasm.
Project Coordinator: Carla Pelster


LASA Box wrapping:
Are you crafty? Like to work indoors? Help wrap boxes in Christmas/holiday themed paper for LASA’s collection points for the holidays.

Project Coordinator: Carla Pelster


Moldova Girls Project:

Please BRING SCISSORS for cutting cotton fabric!!!!

We will be cutting simple shapes that have been traced onto cotton fabric as part of the process of preparing sanitary products for Moldova girls ages 10-18.  These products are very expensive in Moldova, the poorest country in  Europe, and difficult for the girls in the villages to obtain.  Carolyn  Teevin expects to personally deliver our work in the Fall, 2018, her 15th Christian medical mission trip to Moldova.  A wonderful way to enlarge the “Moldova connection”.
Project coordinators: Carolyn Teevin / Janet Lordahl

Donations Needed:
If you want to help with this event, but you won’t be in town, you have to work, etc., We Still Need You!  Bring items to the office or Prairie Hall before MADD!
~Wish List items for Comfy Closet Sewn Bags: (Sizes for girls and boys, infant through age 17) Pajamas, Pants, Shirts, Underwear, Socks, Slippers, Jackets Toothbrushes, Toothpaste & Floss, Hair Accessories, Deodorant, Color Books, Puzzles, Toys, Journals & Pens, Comb & Brush