The Christmas Giving Tree

For the past several years the LCOP Deacons have sponsored

Christmas star


It’s that time of the year where we have a chance to show the love of Christ through our caring and giving. The Deacons are presenting three groups of children who need our help.

First group is from LASA, boys and girls from ages 3 – 7 and teens. LASA is located right here in Lakewood. They are the white tags with curly red and green ribbons and LASA cards attached.

Second group is from Western State Hospital, with children from ages 7 to teens. Their preferences will be on the back of the tags. They are also located in Lakewood. White tags with red and green writing.

Third group is our own Learning Center Childcare facility. We have the opportunity to help within our own church mission. These toys are used by many children throughout the year, and because they are used so much, a picture of the item is attached on the back of the tags. If you can’t find the exact item, a comparable item will work well.

You may find some of these items at Walmart, Target, Ross, Fred Meyer, Barnes and Noble, as well as going on line to or

Please have unwrapped gifts with tags attached at the church by Friday, December 15th

If you have Questions, call Kate Burch at 253-912-0774.


The Giving Tree